Betina R. Goldstein, Nail Art’s muse

Betina R. Goldstein, Nail Art’s muse



Green is the new red, short is in and you need to see nail art as a small canvas. You’re welcome!

The art of creating tiny, precise and minimal designs over nails is here to stay. With over 350k followers on Instagram (@betina_goldstein), Betina R. Goldstein is able to showcase her talent through and aesthetically perfect feed. We spoke exclusively with the nail artist to learn the secret behind her viral designs and her inspiration to create them.

L’Beauté: What’s your main source of inspiration when creating nail art?

Betina R. Goldstein:  Nature will always be my biggest muse. But growing up, my parents would always take me to visit museums and so I learned to appreciate art from a young age. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the techniques and pieces from artists like Diego Rivera, Joseph Albers and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I also spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house in Mexico City which was designed by architect Luis Barragán, a visionary, and I think his works are a study of the language of Mexico’s tonalities. Being surrounded by such a wide color palette definitely shaped my understanding of the interaction between tones and how these affect emotions, which has had a big impact over my designs.

LB: Is there a relation between nail design and art as a form of expression?

BRG: Absolutely, nail art is one way I express myself. Art has the ability to transform and represent different emotions, which are unique to the observer. Nails are just a much smaller canvas.

LB: What are the nail trends coming in for Spring-Summer 2021?

BRG: I think we’ll be seeing a lot of bright and flashy colors, as well as designs inspired in the 60s and 70s.

LB: What’s your favorite trend at this moment?

BRG: I’m loving bright green. It’s taken over not only clothes and accessories but also nails.

LB: You recently launched your brand Doublemoss Arte, was the Primero Brush Set created for experts only or for nail art lovers as well?

BRG: All the Doublemoss Arte tools were made for all artists, no matter the skill level. Having the right nail art tools helped me evolve and advance my designs. I wanted to invent utensils that would help people make their own creations without feeling limited for not having them. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they’re also destined to last and resist excessive acetone and alcohol use.

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LB: What inspired you to create the Artist Palette Ring?

BRG: Working on editorial and campaign shoots (like Louis Vuitton’s On the Beach) brings unique challenges. As a nail artist, I usually work alongside the hair and make-up artists when preparing the talent for them to be camera-ready. Most of the times, we find ourselves in confined spaces with little room to work in. I used to try everything as a palette: from a glove to a disposable coffee cup lid. Not only was this complicated, but it was unsustainable. I wanted to create a ring that would solve this problem and that was designed specifically for an artist’s needs while still being beautiful for them to use outside of work.

LB: The Artist Palette Ring has become an ideal instrument when creating your designs, do you think of nails as your main canvas to create art?

BRG: Yes!

LB: What’s your advice to achieve clean and minimal nails?

BRG: To always start with healthy, cared-for nails. I like to keep designs as simple as possible. If I’m making more elaborate patterns that are filled with details or intricate designs like a goldfish, for example, I like to extenuate it by using a base that is transparent.

LB: Being Chanel’s nail artist, if you had to choose just three tones of the Maison’s Le Vernis line, which one would they be and why?

BRG: Chanel Le Vernis Ballerina: the perfect transparent base for all my nail art. Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir: there’s no other nail polish like it, it has an incomparable red color that is rich and luxurious. Chanel Le Vernis Arancio Vibrante: it’s my go-to red, it has a bright pigment with orange hues for a youthful and fresh look.

LB: Due to the constant soap and disinfectant use these days, how can you keep hydrated, glowy hands?

BRG: In terms of disinfectant, I switched to a softer yet effective brand. My favorite right now is Paume. But in terms of general upkeep, I like to exfoliate my hands a couple of times a week and then apply a mixture of cream and oil. I also don’t use regular acetone, I’ve been using oil-based nail polish remover for the last six years.

Photos Instagram and L’Beauté.


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Betina R. Goldstein, Nail Art’s muse