Concept Stores: Art, design and lifestyle fusión

When an object can represent the essence and personality of each person in a room, everything becomes art.

Stores and spaces dedicated to emanate creativity, expression and communication, expose the different art disciplines without any established norms. The so-called “Concept Stores” are forerunners in the newest shopping experience boom. Mexico takes on this trend of sharing inspiration and a new way of living through the experiences that this curated selection of spaces have to share with society.

By Begoña Arce

Estrelas Haute Living

Focused on satisfying interior-design-lovers’ demanding tastes. The boutique located in this northern state of Mexico has the best selection of pieces you can take for yourself or others that is high-end lifestyle. This is one of the concept stores that have a curatorship that includes the industry’s most exclusive pieces. Its eclectic repertoire is made up of prestigious coffee table books by Assouline and Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s famed furniture.

Av. Manuel Gómez Morín 900, Carrizalejo, 66254, San Pedro Garza García, N.L.

Döce 18

Born at Casa Cohen, located at the heart of San Miguel de Allende, DÔCE18 Concept House offers an experience that awakens the senses through the aromas, textures, flavors and sounds. It’s curated in a way that it is able to integrate fashion and plastic art that include national and international names. A space open for dialogue among Mexican artists, authors, opinion leaders and great talents. It also offers a culinary experience for the strictest of palates.

Relox 18, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Hoja Santa Boutique

It opened its doors inside Hotel Casablanca 7, a colonial house that brings together Mexican tradition with art and design. It brings forward several Mexican fashion designers, with the goal of broadcasting the talent that is now internationally renowned. Textiles, embroideries, accessories, and footwear are some of the kinds of unique pieces you’ll be able to find. A socially responsible community that can communicate through design and garment.

Juárez 7, Zona Centro, Centro, 37700, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Fisher Weisman

The fusion between two decorators, Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman, results in Fisher Weisman, a concept store in San Miguel de Allende where the balance between beauty and harmony reigns along every element. They seek to create and modify interiors under the combination of things exotic and traditional, most of their things being hand-made. With a perfect attention to details, every place touched by the interior designers achieves such a high-level of personality that it has an impact over society.

Recreo 51, Zona Centro, 37700, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Casa Armida

Its creative director is Luis Fabián Flores, architect filled with rich ideas and concepts that give life to Casa Armida. His creativity is able to change spaces through furniture, design and decoration. The place has a completely Mexican DNA and is integrated with unique pieces that can be found in San Miguel de Allende and in El Palacio de Hierro Polanco in Mexico City.

Ancha de San Antonio 26, Zona Centro, 37760 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Serendipia Concept Store

Located in the Alameda neighborhood in Mexico City. It’s one of the concept stores that houses over 40 designer brands and illustrators that are a part of the design scene in Mexico. With a highly-curated selection of jewelry, leather goods, pottery and illustration, these unique pieces express different cultures and ways of thinking while promoting national talents.

Calle Dr Mora 9-local 13, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

Stendhal Store

An exclusive space located in Polanco that opened almost six years ago, this multi-brand store has created a space for expression through fashion that has evolved with the community around it. With an outlook that considers the younger crowd’s needs of being authentic and expressing through creativity, a feeling that you can find around town; it integrates a curated selection of international brands, including names that are eco-friendly. It recently opened a lifestyle category made up of Mexican art, interior design and wellness projects that convey the Stendhal syndrome.

Masaryk 360, Local 9H Pasaje Polanco, CDMX, Mexico.


The store with a multi-brand concept has positioned itself as an offer that seeks to promote the consumption of Mexican and Latin American products. It offers the public a complete experience associated to a true lifestyle which is now, thanks to its online webpage, within reach to the entire continent. It offers an excellent curation of products that include fashion lines, shoes, décor and jewelry. An invitation to be a part of its mentality and to express an original way of being latin.

Av. Javier Barros Sierra · 540 Local N3 L6, L7, Zedec Santa Fé, CDMX.

Mulier Concept Store

A concept created to curate the most exclusive designs by national and international creators. They only have three pieces of each garment, making sure each piece is unique. The seek to create a unique shopping experience with a highly personal service thanks to the styling knowledge of the people who work there. Thanks to their constant trend hunts, you can find names such as Alexia Ulibarri and Sandra Weil inside their walls. Curated clothes and accessories for any occasion.

Avenida Prado Norte #543, Lomas-Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX

Casa Atelier

Dedicated to emerging Mexican design, with a large market that involves accessories, décor and fashion for both men and women. It is one of the concept stores that seek to create a connection among its consumers and the Mexican designers that are emerging in the design scene, fostering Mexican culture through a unique buying experience. Guaranteeing service quality, all products are chosen under the strict curatorship of its founders, the Mendoza sisters.

Ahumada Villalón 36, Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX

Albergue Transitorio por Julia Y Renata

The space dedicated to broadcast Mexican independent design ––founded by designers Julia and Renata–– gathers different disciplines related among them, including contemporary art, graphic design, pottery, gastronomy, viticulture, and music. Its goal is to create a space where the identity and consumption of Mexican design can meet hand in hand. It reinforces the identity of a large cultural community with activities that include pop-up stores, temporary culinary events and creative spaces dedicated to the development and exhibition of new projects.

Av. La Paz 2347, Obrera Centro, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Chick by Accident

Created by Emmanuel Picault ––a Frenchman impassioned by Mexico–– who describes himself with a single word in French: ensemblier (a person who knows how to put things together). His profession has taken him to become an expert in reuniting elements that generate expressive and cultural dialogues. The goal of this concept store is based on creating an aesthetic balance through the recollection of selected pieces. The store is made up of a curated collection that integrates objets d’art, design and interior design.

Orizaba 28, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX.

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Concept Stores: Art, design and lifestyle fusión