Juanpa Zurita: The extravagance of the irrational

Juanpa Zurita, wearing a green mask created with a mixture between the Diorshow On Stage Liner in 461 Matte Pop Green and Dior Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant, and impeccable Spring-Summer look by the same French maison, standing in front of a shark-shaped house that’s in the background while he holds a mirror that reflects a bracelet from the most recent Clash collection, another one from Juste un Clou and two rings from the same line at Cartier… What’s the name of the act? The perfect cover of ‘The Art of Beauty’.

Starring Juanpa Zurita

Photos by Ricardo Ramos

Juanpa-Zurita-x-L'Beauté-SS21-3Juanpa-Zurita-x-L'Beauté-SS21-3Text by Stephanie Arouesty

Surrealism was characterized for making representations of the subconscious, of dreams, fantasies, as well as irrationality. The technique that was used searched for creation and disregarded reason in its entirety. This story was an absolute representation of this art movement that was born in Europe in the 1920’s.

The photoshoot call for the riskiest and most creative story L’Beauté has ever done was at 8:00 a.m. Location: La Casa Orgánica, designed and inhabited by Javier Senosiain for 25 years, a sensory architectural space where everything is round since the purpose of the architect was to create spaces that would resemble the maternal haven, the igloo, and all the cozy and concave places that might remind us of a mother’s embrace. Photographer: the talented Ricardo Ramos, who is always able to find a way to portray his unique vision of beauty. Makeup Artist: The great Gustavo Bortolotti and his magic using Dior priducts exclusively. Styling: Chino Castilla, a fashion lover that enjoys inventing, mixing and creating. Hair: Sean Derbees, a prodigy when it comes to hair. Protagonist: needs no introduction.

8:27 a.m.: Juanpa was sitting down at the dresser in one of the rooms of the house so that Gus could start prepping his skin with products from Dior’s Capture Youth line. All of this was happening while he enjoyed his hot matcha latte with almond milk (his favorite Starbucks drink).

“Did someone bring a speaker?”, he asked. Once we plugged it in, the first song that started playing was Justin Bieber’s Peaches, which was on repeat for a while.

Sean started doing his hair at exactly 9:08 a.m.

You have such nice hair!

“You won’t believe the crazy thing that happened to it, I used to have straight hair and then I went to the Philippines to install solar panels; I didn’t’ shower those days and I’ve had curly hair ever since”.

Why is it still curly? Have you not showered again?

––they both laugh––.

9:47 a.m.: Everything was set up for the first photo, Juanpa owned that Louis Vuitton suit and that graphic line created with the Diorshow On Stage Liner in 096 Vinyl Black, a perfect trilogy of Cartier’s Panthère, Trinity and Juste un Clou rings when he started posing with that extravagant personality of his.

While they switched up his hair and makeup at 10:16 a.m., we had a chance to talk:

What was the first content you posted on a social network?

“It was on June 11th, 2013, when I uploaded a video with my little dog Puca, may she rest in peace. Puca was a viral element when I first started, since no one would record me, she was perfect, she couldn’t say no ––laughs––. Since then, you’re able to notice the learning curve that has occurred to my content up until today. That’s why social media is so incredible, you can get better with each post. You can post the entire process that makes you who you are without having to meet people’s expectations”.

Of course! Yesterday you uploaded an amazing video climbing Pico de Orizaba mountain, which has an amazing direction, and message…

“The truth is I want to start doing more voiceovers and reflective content. I feel that the power of storytelling can have a huge impact on people and inspire them to evolve just like I am. I find myself constantly changing, otherwise I get stuck on what I was and not in who I am. I don’t like to make decisions based on what will work, I’d rather think about what will impassion me and what will be fun, in the end that translates, and people can see it”.

How was climbing Mexico’s tallest mountain Citlaltépetl?

“I think I would’ve died if I had done it before the pandemic. But once you’re up there you have no choice but to focus on taking each step forward until all of a sudden, you’re there. The descent was the hardest part, it’s all snow peaks and you’re going down a steep and icy drop, taking steps becomes harder and more tiring, but once you’re done with that part, you’re able to just have fun”.

He showed me a photo of the moment when he reached the top of Pico de Orizaba from a camera roll of 63,000 photos (real number) inside his iPhone.




We were ready to start shooting the second photo at 11:11 a.m. with an impeccable look made up of a line around the face created with Diorshow On Stage Liner in the 351 Pearly Turquoise tone and a sublime Dolce & Gabbana suit, Juanpa ––who walked the Milan runway for the Italian fashion house back in 2017 and also for Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week–– walked over to one of the house’s hallways where the white suit with black lines, and Cartier’s Écrou, Love and Juste un Clou rings, created a sublime monochromatic mood that matched the sandy-colored carpet that is present around the house with the idea of representing Earth. Once we had the open shot, we decided to take a few portraits in which the actor let go by showing different sides of him through his facial expressions.

It was noon by now, 12:05 p.m. and we prepared the third look. This was one of the make ups that took the longest to paint, the perfect excuse to continue with our talk.

So, speaking of climbing Pico de Orizaba, doing something like that speaks volumes about determination, where does yours come from?

“That’s how I am with everything that I do, but because of it, I can also be a mess and can sometimes be impulsive and even chaotic. I’m not somebody who has a routine or who follows a system. Climbing Pico de Orizaba is the perfect example of it. I go by a “why wait?” kind of mindset, I’d much rather have a disastrous plan today than a perfect one tomorrow. You have no idea of what can happen, time goes by and I can’t afford the luxury of not doing something I wanted to do, I don’t like that. There’s only one life”, the Mexican man with the most Instagram followers firmly assures.

But you need to be in great physical condition to achieve such a feat, how do you stay in shape?

“Before quarantine that wasn’t my priority, I slept very little, I didn’t work out and would only focus on achieving my goals. During this pause I was able to understand just how powerful the mind is and how the body has to be on the same level, my body needed to be at its best. I understood that if I wanted to achieve everything I wanted that it had to be ready. I got that it’s the tool of our soul’s existence and so I want it to be strong and healthy. When lockdown started I began to train daily at five in the morning, I made a habit of it, I gained four kilograms of muscle mass and simply kept doing it. I’m now trying to find the balance between my lifestyle and exercise. Beyond looking good, I feel good and I can do more. Not long ago I was able to play paddle tennis, my favorite sport, and could really feel the difference”.


At exactly 12:52 a.m. with a flawless beauty look that mimics a map using Diorshow Waterproof Mascara in 258 Azure Blue, and wearing a fun and colorful Louis Vuitton sweater that matched the sneakers, the Ballon Blue watch and Cartier’s Écrou bracelet, we started shooting with fuchsia bougainvillea as a background.

Twenty eight minutes later… we have it! Next…

At 1:20 p.m. it was time to prepare the fourth look: a trace made with orange parallel lines created with the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick lipstick in 648 Mirage tone.

I believe transparency and authenticity is why people love you, but in your opinion, what is what connects you the most with your followers?

“Comedy is an element that unites people and something with which they can relate, I think people like to have fun with me”.


At 1:57 p.m., Juanpa already had Dior’s Spring-Summer suit. The twist? He had no shirt on, and it perfectly matched Cartier’s gold ring trilogy. This photo was taken at the house’s TV room, a space where reunions and gatherings always happen. “Family is an important pillar for Mexicans and we’ll always identify with it. But I’m sure that legitimacy is everything, people connect with others who are themselves, whichever their personalities, with real beings that don’t wear masks, we all aspire to be our most authentic selves”.

While Chino put all of Cartier’s Juste un Clou rings on him, Juanpa said: “I love these nails, I wear jewelry and accessories on my daily life, they’re part of my look”.

At 2:37 p.m., Gus started drawing a sort of mask with the Diorshow On Stage Line in 461 Matte Pop Green mixed with a balm, while Juanpa ate a salmon baguette with cream cheese, his favorite from Maison Kayser.

Let’s keep talking about gratitude, what’s the thing you’re grateful about the most these days?

“A lot of things, specific moments. But if I could sum it up, this thing that I do gave me purpose. And it gives me a reason to be thankful every day”.


We have three minutes left for one more question while they touch you up… You’re at the peak of your career right now, what keeps you grounded?

“I think gratitude, above all else, when your perspective comes from being grateful, thinking differently doesn’t even cross your mind. It’s not the same to enter a place being thankful for the opportunity than thinking it’s something you have to forcefully do. You’re way happier if you’re grateful and humble. Humility is a tool for happiness, it’s a lifestyle. I don’t think there’s another perspective that gives me more happiness than this one”, and the more I spent time with this man ––who in 2017 entered the ’30 under 30’ list in Forbes––, the more I understood why he’s gotten to where he’s at.

At 3:08 p.m., we were at Casa Orgánica’s main bathroom at the master bedroom. The total look by Dior perfectly matched the bathtub’s mosaic, his incredible eyes and the sublime jewelry combination of the French maison. “I think this is a cover look”, I pointed out, to which Juanpa replied: #WhoWould’veThought

“Can we please play the This is Drake playlist on Spotify?”

I’m sure this is the cover look, –– a sixth sense always tells me–– it all works together in an insurmountable way, but I’d like to try in as an exterior shot, I told Ricardo. We went outside, we gave him a mirror and he was all of a sudden standing in front of the shark ––which is how the house is shaped on the outside––, it was all so surreally perfect: we got it! Next look!



Let’s do the last look. “It’s gonna take a while for me to remove all the green, and I’m not so sure I can remove it completely to get one last look”, said Gus worryingly. You’ll see that you’re able to… and against all odds and time ––we could only use the house until four in the afternoon–– we were able to get one more look that starred a black line across the cheek created with shadows by Dior 5 Couleurs Couture in 079 Black Bow to match an eclectic Gucci outfit overseeing the city from what used to be Javier Senosiain’s office.

You’re doing what you love the most in life, right?

“Yes, definitely; I’ve done absolutely everything and what I haven’t done, I’ll do”.

What’s next in line for you?

“I want to take an apnea course, scuba diving without oxygen, they teach you how to hold your breath for five to ten minutes. In the summer I want to visit a pendulum in Brazil and dive from it. There’s a new podcast coming soon, the right opportunity arose with the right people. It’ll be called “No hagas lo fácil” (Don’t go for what’s easy), it’s all talks with people who have decided to do the hardest most challenging things in life without following rules and that have proven that it can be done, that if you take a different path different from the usual you can get far. There will be all kinds of people: singers, athletes, artists, musicians…”.

I have to ask… where is Marcela?

“When this is published you’ll have the answer and I can assure you’ll be sad”, answered Juanpa, who is currently on the second season of Netflix’s Luis Miguel series as Alexito.

And lastly, what is art for you?

“The purest, most vulnerable and genuine form of expression”.

4:18 p.m. / It’s a wrap!!!

5:21 p.m.: Instatory @juanpazurita from the car: “We’re done! This was the craziest, coolest and most surreal photoshoot I’ve done in my entire career”.

When I wrote this, we we’re only going to have one cover, but we loved how good Juanpa looked at that closeup inside the house that we decided to have two covers. I’m sure you’ll approve!


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Cartier x L’Beauté

Dior Makeup x L’Beauté

Photography: Ricardo Ramos

Talent: Juanpa Zurita

Makeup: Gustavo Bortolotti

Hair: Sean Derbees

Styling: Chino Castilla

Location: Casa Orgánica

*Fashion Film: Khristio


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