Transform to IMPACT with Sebastián Yatra

I believe that the fragrances you choose become part of who you are and in a way represent you. – Sebastián Yatra

Sebastián Yatra stars in the new olfactory creation by Tommy Hilfiger, a fresh, masculine, and innovative fragrance. We spoke exclusively with the charismatic Colombian singer about the cologne and about his artistic career.

Text by Stephanie Arouesty

L’Beauté: How would you describe the Impact man?

Sebastián Yatra: Any person who isn’t afraid to be themselves, who’s always in a relentless search for their best version, someone who has dreams and goals. Human beings who are constantly reinventing and pushing themselves further without staying in their comfort zone and are impacting others in small or big ways every day of their lives.

LB: Describe the scent in three words.

SY: Fresh, citric, and energizing.

LB: How was your relationship with Tommy Hilfiger and how did you become this new fragrance’s ambassador?

SY: This all began about a year ago, we started talking about Impact and I was instantly thrilled since I’ve always been a big fan of the brand. I fully identify with the fashion part of it, especially these last few years in which the brand has reinvented itself in a very cool way, all of their clothes are elegant but laid back. That’s why when they first called, I immediately said: let’s do it!

LB: When did you first smell the cologne?

SY: Before performing at the National Auditorium, I was shown the design of the bottle and set up a fragrance test, I took a whiff and said: “Thank God! I love it!” I had already seen the bottle and loved the design, but the aroma is really something that I enjoy wearing every day. This cologne has been with me during beautiful moments of my life as well as hardships.

LB: You have 25M followers on Instagram. How do you connect with them?

SY: Portraying things that come from the heart and by simply trying to share what’s real in my life; things I do in my everyday life. I want to keep having a nice impact on people’s lives but in different ways and not only by sharing the songs that I’m releasing, although music will always be the core of it. I have a motto and that is whether it’s one person listening or millions of them, it’s key to always have a clear message to communicate.

LB: Music is a form of art. What are you trying to convey through yours?

SY: I want to express the most honest things the heart has to offer, to me composing and creating music has turned into a way to unpack, a form of therapy that goes beyond it being a job. It’s portraying feelings, there are moments when I feel happy, and I wish people can feel the same way when they listen to my song. Like with Chica ideal, a melody that has brought much joy to people during these hard times. I also released Adiós recently, which is a ballad, it had been long since I had done this genre, and it speaks about the hardest moments of heartbreak.

LB: Now that you mention hard times, how have you lived the pandemic?

SY: COVID-19 really turned my life upside down, I’m always thankful to God and believe He has a reason for things to happen and a purpose for the things we have to live through. This year I reinvented myself artistically, I see it as a rebirth, I’ve fallen in love with my songs again. I went through a phase when I acted like a robot, I wasn’t feeling the same passion I had been feeling before, it was more about thinking: “How can I get results from this? Do I like the video? Does it excite me?” I began to feel more like the twelve-year-old who started this because he felt like there wasn’t a greater love than that of music.

LB: Do you miss performing at concerts and having contact with people?

SY: I miss it so much! But I’m thankful for the opportunity to prepare myself to enjoy it more the next time. I had been doing 220 shows a year for seven years in different countries, it was insane. I’m now thinking about how I can evolve and share new things so that the show can have new visuals and be able to offer something more enriching. I’m convinced that God’s plans are perfect.


LB: Why does the L’Beauté homme have to buy this fragrance?

SY: How can they not if this will make them get all the girls? ––laughs––. This whole fragrance is brutal, I love the “T” in the bottle, it smells incredibly. A lot of people have asked me what fragrance I wear, and I always get a kick out of telling them, because I’m also the ambassador! It’s finally here in Mexico and you can get it, enjoy it, may this scent be with you every day of your life, may it be present while you pursue your dreams. I believe that fragrances end up becoming a part of who you are and, in a way, represent you.

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Photos: courtesy of the brand

LB: Woody or fruity fragrance?

SY: Fruity

LB: Miami or Medellín?

SY: Medellín

LB: Coffee or tea?

SY: Coffee

LB: Déjame robarte un beso or Traicionera by Sebastián Yatra?

SY: Déjame robarte un beso.

LB: Guitar or piano?

SY: Guitar

LB: Fun or elegant?

SY: Fun

LB: Cream or milk?

SY: Milk

Photos: courtesy of the brand


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